Start a gig at your venue

Do you run a bar, cafe, restaurant or any other cool place?

Then we want to help you increase your patronage, by starting a fun comedy night that draws in a great young crowd. We do this for the love of comedy, so we don't take a cut. All the money goes to you, marketing and the actual comedians. We make sure the gig is the best it possibly could be. Download our brochure below for more info!

University Students

University students love to spend money at bars and cafes, and they need cheap entertainment. That's why they love comedy nights. They get a free night of comedy, so they're more likely to buy drinks from you!

Comedy Fans

Comedians and comedy fans attend every comedy night in Auckland. When they come to your venue they'll drink up and give the night a great vibe. Comedy fans make great audience members and patrons, they know how to act and where to laugh!

Everyone Else

Lots of people walking by a comedy night are rightfully intrigued. We always see people popping their head in, and then staying for the entire show. We also hand out flyers in front of the venue and people very often come in and check out the show.

ALl our profit goes into marketing and paying performers!

Download our brochure

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